The Mission of Ohio Sled Hockey

The mission of Ohio Sled Hockey is to provide the opportunity for individuals with physical limitations to learn about and participate in the sport of hockey. Our focus is on developing each athlete through instruction, encouragement, evaluation, and competition. This progression promotes and improves the sport of sled hockey by allowing local players to participate from novice to national level of play. Athletes will improve overall health and fitness levels while participating in therapeutic and competitive sport. Ohio Sled Hockey athletes will experience team camaraderie, trust, and the development of meaningful friendships both on and off the ice.

What is Sled Hockey?

Ice sled (sledge) hockey was invented in the early 1960’s in Stockholm, Sweden by a few hockey players who would not let their disability get in the way of doing what they loved. They modified a metal frame sled with two regular-sized hockey skate blades that allowed the puck to pass underneath. Using round poles with bike handles for sticks, the men played without any goaltenders on a lake south of Stockholm.

However, it was not until 1994 at the Winter Paralympics Games in Lillehammer, Norway that it became an official event. It is now practiced in 12 countries and is governed by the International Paralympics Committee (IPC).

There are many similarities between sled hockey and “stand up” hockey, with just a few differences. It’s great when you can take a sport that so many people love and adapt it with very few modifications for people with disabilities.

Who can play?

The Columbus Blades program is for youth, males, and females who have a physical disability limiting one’s ability to play ice hockey in a standing position. Most sled players are able to propel their manual wheelchair and sit upright with minimal to no external support. If you are not sure whether your child can sit in a sled to participate, contact us and we will give it a try.

If a player is unable to propel their sled, a pusher bar is placed on the back of the sled and a “pusher” is assigned to that player.  A pusher is an able-bodied skater with hockey knowledge. If a player has trouble with balancing their sled or cannot get up after falling to one side, lateral anti-tippers may be an option. Our staff includes people with experience in problem solving most player needs: including holding the hockey sticks, positioning, and seating.

Our Ultimate Sled Challenge, with Hockey Players in Business vs Columbus Blue Jackets Sled Team, our adult Ohio Sled Hockey team, was a great success, raising needed funds to help the team with travel and league expenses. Thank you to our incredible sponsors! Looking forward to next year’s event!

Sled Hockey 2023

February 4, 2023: at the Ice Works Ice Rink in Worthington, Ohio.

Photo Credit to Brent Clark Photo

Sled Hockey 2023

February 4, 2023: The Columbus Blue Jackets Sled Team before facing the Hockey Players in Business at the Ice Works Ice Rink in Worthington, Ohio.

February 4, 2023: The Columbus Blue Jackets Sled Team in between the first and second period during the game against the Businessmen in Hockey at the Ice Works Ice Rink in Worthington, Ohio.

February 4, 2023: Columbus Blue Jackets Sled Team’s Garren Powers (7) and Businessmen in Hockey’s Kevin Henry (white) participate in the ceremonial puck drop before their game at the Ice Works Ice Rink in Worthington, Ohio.

Photo Credit to Brent Clark Photo

Thank you to our sponsors who have made the Ultimate Challenge possible.

Major League Sponsor- Hockey Players in Business
Minor League Sponsor- Center Ice Foundation
Ice Time Sponsor- OhioHealth Chiller
College League Sponsor- Mellow Mushroom, Polaris
College League Sponsor- CouchPhilanthropy
Social Sponsor- Zaftig Brewery


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